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"Docker is one of the most exciting open source projects right now. By packaging the application in a container with all the other software it needs to run, Docker enables an application developed on a laptop to run in the same way on a production server. Being in production, however, introduces a whole host of challenges that you don’t always think about in development. Now you have to worry about connectivity, load balancing to scale and handle increased load, being secure against malicious users, and sharing resources with potentially hundreds of other apps (or microservices) running within the same environment. Having a good Docker networking and service discovery architecture in place is key to being successful with your Docker-based applications. Download this exclusive report from O'Reilly and learn: NGINX Plus can be deployed in cloud environments. Why you should treat infrastructure components like disposable resources What you need to know to get started with Docker networking How to meet the challenges of service discovery and the options currently available How to automate routing and load balancing of your containers About the Author Michael Hausenblas Michael is a Developer Advocate at Mesosphere, where he helps appops to build and operate distributed applications. His background is in large-scale data integration, Hadoop, NoSQL datastores, and IoT, as well as Web applications, and he's experienced in advocacy and standardization at W3C and IETF. Michael contributes to open source software (Kubernetes, Apache Mesos, Apache Myriad, etc.) and shares his experience with distributed operating systems and large-scale data processing through blog posts and public speaking engagements."


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Learn Python programming online. Free online tutorials on Python and Python with MongoDB, Django, Flask, Web2Py, XML, JSON, SQLite, MySQL, Oracle, wxPython, Tkinter.

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